Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Now at 83,000km

Yes, I've reached 83,000 km with with mini scooter. Consistently doing my 85 km trip in the morning and another 85 km in the afternoon. When there is a need to ride further, I just do it!

The crank shaft damage is now worsened. But only obvious during idling. When I did my ride during the day, it's quite moderate. Top speed seems to remain at around 110 km/h and I was doing around 80-100 km/h most of the time.

I changed my rear tire a few weeks ago. As usual, the Duro 90/90-16. I like this size because it makes it looks a little bigger and seems to suite my weight.

I am looking for performance parts now. Just can't get any in Seremban. If I just can get a good over sized/racing block and a good high profile camshaft.....ehmmm... may be we can push it up to, say, 130 km/h at max speed..... then I can start chasing the GTS/VTS!

A 150cc Nouvo LC...... yessss..........

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Now I am at 73,000km

Well, 73,000km is pretty far!

At 51,000km I've got the engine overhauled. Cost me around RM1300. Pergh...... Now, after the repairs I've already ride it for more than 20,000km.

The crank is already showing sign of wearing off. There is a clinking sound during idling. I don't know how far can it go before the crank will be totally damage.

I am pushing the scooter to it maximum performance almost every day. Doing a constant 85km in the morning and another 85km in the afternoon. Sometime, another 10-20km during the day.

Cruising speed on the highway usually around 90-110km/h and 60-70km/h in the traffic in KL. Usually accelerating from stand still at a full throttle.

Hope it can last another 10-15k km or so...............

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Re-discover the Nouvo LC!

I’ve not updated this blog for a long time. I am still using the Nouvo LC though. I got a little frustrated by the fact that this little scooter was giving me a little frustration which cannot be solved for months.

It can be started easily, it accelerate fine, it never died on the road but it jerks when your try to accelerate from a speed of around 80-90km/h. It was making you very uncomfortable and nervous when trying to take over other slower vehicles during you ride.

I tried many things. Went for a service, change the engine, change the spark plug, etc.. I event went for a major overhaul (it was expensive!). But still, the problem was not solved. But I kept on using it because it was very convenience especially during rainy season. I do not have to worry very much about wetting my trousers and boots. I do have to put on the rain coat when the rain gets really heavy! But only if it gets heavy…………

And the fuel consumption gets worse also!

So it went on for thousands of kilometers………………..

Until I went to the mechanic again last week…... I just need to change the engine oil, but I mentioned the problem again.

He tested the Nouvo and suggested to remove the air filter and run another round. He came back with a smile and ask me to test it myself. An yes…… the problem solved. No jerking at any speed. Cruising or accelerating. Perghhh…. I was so happy.

He said, it is the carburetor’s diaphragm. It is not badly damaged but the part was weakened at it could not function properly when the air filter was installed. It need to be replaced. But meanwhile I get to try it without the air filter first because the part was not readily available.

So now, I am riding without an air filter and it is smooth. It is like discovering the scoot al over again. I am going to replace the part soon but meanwhile, I am enjoying my ride again…… yesssssss…………………..

And now, even the fuel consumption has improved by a lot…………..!

Friday, August 12, 2011

It's been 10,000km since.....

Yes, 10,000km. An exciting 10,000km.

I ride 160km every day on the Nouvo LC. A long distance but always an enjoyable one. It is not very fast, but acceleration is pretty good. It cannot beat many kapcai on the highway, but in KL, you could go everywhere a kapcai can.

It is so slim that any small gaps between vehicles, you can go through without any problem. An the acceleration..... excellent for zooming through the traffic jammed.

No gears to worry, just throttle and brake.............. I love it!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Belting almost broken!

It was Saturday when I decide to bring back the Nouvo LC to the shop where I bought it. Overall it was okay but there was some jerking when I tried to accelerate. There was also a disturbing clicking sound at the rear when I hit a bump.

When they opened up the drive belt, I found that the belt was almost broken. It was just a matter of time. I mention it to the Taukeh and they agree to replace it.

When completed and while doing some testing, I found that the rear wheels was not round. I wobble at one side. I quickly ask them to repair it. But it was late and I have to leave the bike there.

Yesterday I picked it up. Yes, there was an improvement on the stability and the vibration level. But the jerking ....... I think it is still there.... Ehmmm... I'll test it again this afternoon.

With the new drive belt.... no change in acceleration or top speed. But I do feel more confident......

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 3.... started to like the Nouvo........

After 2 days riding it for 160km per day, I think I was getting used to it character and style. I started to enjoy the ride more now.

But there was a bit of a problem. At, sat, 90km/h, it I was to accelerate quickly, there was a jerking and it won't accelerated smoothly. Need to bring it back to the motorcycle shop to be checked.

Full consumption also is a little bit worrying. Too high for a small scooter like this. Need to get clarification from the shop also. Overall, from Senawang to KL, I will have to fill up for about RM10.00. The GTR is more efficient!

During a night ride, the main beam is also not very bright. I think they have not installed a proper bulbs. Usually these new machine have a very bright main beam.

Day two... getting comfortable!

Wednesday seems better. I've started to feel comfortable.

Cruising at 90-100km/h was comfortable but there a slight lightness feeling at the rear section. It feel like the Nouvo is fish-tailing all the time. So, a little bit worry when going at high speed. It may not be anything wrong, may be it iwas just me trying to adjust to the Nouvo cruising characters.

But, going through jams and traffic was a breeze. It was light, sufficient power for quick acceleration and very agile. Very suitable for town riding....... yesssss!